Federal Acquisitions in a Post-COVID World

Adapting to the new reality in federal government contracting

When it comes to federal government procurement, agencies have several straightforward goals when undertaking acquisitions:

  • Conduct a fair analysis of a clearly defined source selection.
  • Award contract actions in a timely manner.
  • Maintain security and protect the vendor’s sensitive information.
  • Avoid both pre- and post-award protests.
  • Efficiently manage the contracts throughout the entire lifecycle.

That process has never been as simple as it might look from a distance and has become increasingly complex and difficult as agencies’ portfolios grow. It has been further complicated by the post-COVID-19 hybrid workplace with the need for both remote and on-site collaborations. With the ongoing concerns over data breaches and information security and the growth in contract values and the size of agency portfolios—especially with their move into the cloud—agencies need a secure digital acquisition solution.