Noblis Awarded Patent for Data Structures and Multi-Layer Simulation Methods

Patented Techniques Drive a Highly Scalable Platform that Processes Massive, Multi-Layer Simulations to Improve Responses and Expedite Decisions

RESTON, Va. — Dec. 2 — Noblis, Inc., a leading provider of science, technology and strategy services to the federal government, today announced the award of U.S. patent 11,036,903 for Data Structures and Processing Methods for Highly Scalable Simulation Platforms.

These techniques can be applied to many real-world challenges from examining traffic and infrastructure performance in major cities to improving crisis communications and responses, to running scenarios that help the warfighter quickly make critical decisions. Noblis uses this patented technology in our Metropolis of Things (MoT) platform, which models multi-layer infrastructures of major cities, to proactively provide actionable insights and help improve efficiencies. When Noblis employed the MoT platform utilizing this technology to a realistic simulation of Manhattan, N.Y., including traffic, water and electricity, the simulation ran at approximately one-half of a second per iteration which is 20 times the real-life speed (at a typical 10 second iteration). Noblis’ patented engine provides unmatched linear scalability so that even if the size of the simulation doubled, it would still run in less than one second per iteration. By comparison, other known simulation platforms scale exponentially which increases run time exponentially as simulations grow.

“In a nutshell, this technology runs massive, multi-layer simulations in a fraction of the time compared to the standard approach. For example, a simulation of 40,000 vehicles that would generally take about 40 minutes per iteration, now takes less than one-tenth of a second using our patented approach,” said Ilya Basin, patent inventor. “This know-how enabled us to build a high-performance computing platform that processes simulations on an unprecedented scale.”

“With this invention, Noblis is able to bring extremely powerful technology to our clients’ in areas such as data and decision analytics and modeling,” said Chris Barnett, Noblis chief technology officer. “The ability to simulate, test and measure outcomes of very complex scenarios at a fraction of the standard time means less time testing and more time successfully implementing solutions for our clients’ critical missions.”

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