Noblis Awarded Patent for Autonomous Machine Coordination System

“Orchestrated autonomy” allows machines to share situational awareness, self-organize and create earned trust

RESTON, Va. — Apr. 12, 2022 — Noblis, Inc., a leading provider of science, technology and strategy services to the federal government, today announced the award of U.S. patent 11,283,874 for a system for collectively optimizing cooperative actions among autonomous connected machines. This system allows ad hoc collections of nearby machines to independently plan motion paths and earn trust from other machines by consistently carrying out those plans.

Noblis Orchestrated Autonomy allows pick-up teams of autonomous machines to perform as if they have trained together extensively,” said Karl Wunderlich, Noblis research team lead and the system’s inventor. “Further, if one machine in the system malfunctions or begins to perform erratically, the team will self-organize to re-assign critical team functions and isolate the compromised machine.”

This interoperability permits a level of high-speed motion and coordinated actions that would otherwise be impossible without advance knowledge of all the localized actions. Potential applications include autonomous vehicles coordinating movements through a roadway intersection, aerial drones self-organizing actions around a loiter point and autonomous submersibles performing undersea missions beyond the range of human control.

“Autonomous machine networks are increasingly a part of civilian and military mobility and logistics solutions,” said Chris Barnett, Noblis chief technology officer. “Noblis Orchestrated Autonomy is an example of how innovative thinking can build in greater safety, flexibility and efficiency to the missions of those networks.”

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Heather Williams