Automation Is the Key to Continuous Cybersecurity Compliance

The following is an excerpt from an article by Noblis senior technologist, Abheek Sen, published by NextGov on September 13, 2021. 

Manually updating spreadsheets to manage the security of cloud offerings isn’t going to cut it.

The federal government’s growing use of cloud services and the recent executive order encouraging adoption of cloud service offerings, or CSOs, is putting pressure on agencies and cloud service providers, or CSPs, to continuously monitor and manage those services in order to stay compliant with federal regulations. It’s a tall order. The scale and complexity of maintaining compliance can quickly overwhelm traditional methods of scanning, remediating and reporting vulnerabilities, leaving agencies and CSPs at risk of losing authorization for those services—and, more importantly, putting systems at risk of attack.

Agencies and CSPs need to take a new approach. An automated, comprehensive solution that aggregates and sorts data from multiple scans, provides clear visibility into the cloud infrastructure and generates a Plan of Actions and Milestones, or POA&M, for addressing vulnerabilities can more easily keep their cloud services in compliance while reducing the errors involved in more manual processes.

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