Clade-Specific Monkey Pox Virus (MPXV) PCR Assays

Members of the Noblis team completed another exciting research project on designing and testing the effectiveness of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) primers for Monkeypox (MPX) using algorithms. The team’s work in this area continues to help prevent and prepare for potential infectious disease outbreaks.


In an evolving infectious disease outbreak, there are two priorities: rapid and accurate detection of the causative agent and characterization of its spread. The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay is an effective and portable diagnostic method that can quickly provide information associated with virulence, transmissibility, and pathogenicity. Compared to genomic sequencing, PCR requires less infrastructure, funding, and training. However, the development of sensitive and specific primer sequences is costly, particularly those with subspecies resolution. The recent mpox (monkeypox) virus outbreak underscores the need for the rapid development of clade-specific primers, particularly when there are differences in morbidity and mortality rates. Current mpox assays use primer sequences that also bind to the broader Orthopoxvirus genus, resulting in suspect diagnoses, delays in treatment, and poor allocation of scarce healthcare resources.

Read the full details of the published study here: Clade-Specific MPXV PCR Assays | bioRxiv