When Implementing Artificial Intelligence Programs, Feds from Across Government Recommend Standing up an AI Ecosystem

The following is an excerpt from an article by Tom Temin of Federal News Network.

Success in artificial intelligence depends on careful planning. Agencies must first establish what the Defense Logistics Agency’s Jesse Rowlands called an AI ecosystem.

At DLA, that requires answering four questions, said Rowlands, the agency’s AI strategic officer, while speaking on an AI implementation panel convened by Federal News Network and Noblis: “Do we have the data in place? Do we have the infrastructure and tools? Do we have the experts in the data scientists to facilitate these projects? And do we have that governance structure?”

In a separate discussion, we covered how to prepare for AI projects. Read more in this article, “AI success starts long before you apply data to an algorithm.” In this second discussion, our panelists talked about how, having done the groundwork, agencies can best go about implementing their AI plans.

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