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White Paper: The Noblis Data Lakehouse

The Noblis Data Lakehouse

Delivering faster, better insights and accelerating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) growth

The Challenge

Organizations need data management—ingestion, transformation, storage and serving—to fully leverage their data. Separate from relational database management systems, which are optimized for online transaction processing (such as ...
White Paper: Federal Acquisitions in a Post-COVID World

Federal Acquisitions in a Post-COVID World

Adapting to the new reality in federal government contracting

When it comes to federal government procurement, agencies have several straightforward goals when undertaking acquisitions:

  • Conduct a fair analysis of a clearly defined source selection.
  • Award contract actions in ...
Security and Congestion Modeling and Resilience Testing for 5G and Virtual Networks

Addressing federal agency challenges with 5G, SDN, and NFV to provide solutions for resilience in next generation use cases.

New transformative technologies and novel architectures being developed by standards bodies (including the fifth generation (5G) wireless networks) are extremely complex. The benefits of 5G are made possible by ...

DOWNLOAD: Autonomy at Scale

Download: Autonomy at Scale

Intelligent Machines Advancing Technology to Improve Our Future

This document explores the promise, costs, and challenges associated with emerging massive-scale systems of autonomous machines in key domains and use cases.

Autonomous machines are poised to transform the way we travel, distribute, and deliver goods and how we ...