Systems Engineering Management

Noblis ESI’s systems engineers use an established knowledge-based, problem-solving approach for system products. This approach, based on proven processes and practices, continues to evolve as programs increase in complexity. This foundation enables us to set realistic and achievable program goals and provides guidance to improve system effectiveness and enhance decision making quality. From translating our clients’ operational needs into well-defined requirements, to verifying and validating that the requirements are met, through product sustainment, our systems engineers successfully assess system lifecycle needs across all phases.

Noblis ESI has extensive experience in traditional waterfall design methods, however we are also on the leading edge of agile software design and systems engineering practices. As clients demand more flexibility to implement innovative IT solutions, our experts have adapted our systems engineering processes to bridge the gap between agile development and traditional government documentation and rigor. The result is quicker time to market for the right solutions, properly tested, and documented to meet client reporting requirements.  

We use proven processes and practices in:
  • Requirements definition
  • Logistics
  • Verification and validation (V&V)
  • Certification and accreditation (C&A)
  • RFC creation and management
  • DoD architecture framework (DoDAF)
  • Prototyping
  • Testbed development

In addition to the traditional waterfall design methods, Noblis ESI is also on the leading edge of agile software design and systems engineering practices.

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